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Director's Message

It is an undoubted fact that the most critical component of digital systems that are used effectively in all areas of daily life is the software system. Software engineering is an engineering discipline that aims to organize software design, production and operational software management processes with engineering principles. The main difference of Software Engineering from Computer Engineering Department is the high skill and precision shown in the stages of fast and high quality software production, verification / validation and maintenance.

For the graduates of the Software Engineering Department, there is a wide range of employment areas, from private sector companies / organizations (telecommunications, automotive, banking, health, etc.) to public institutions that develop administrative software. In addition, there are employment opportunities in terms of developing, managing and maintaining software applications that are used in almost all areas of the industry, regardless of the industry.

The software industry, which has become one of the export items with high added value, is becoming more evident day by day for companies operating in the defense, health, finance and energy sectors all over the world. At this point, universities have the greatest responsibility in raising innovative and highly competitive manpower. TED University has implemented the Software Engineering undergraduate program in order to support the efforts made to meet this need of the software industry and to contribute to the national economy in this sense.

The main objective of TEDU Software Engineering Undergraduate Program is; To reach an assertive position, which is preferred primarily in the sector, by training competent Software Engineers who will take part in the growing and developing software sector all over the world.

Head of Software Engineering Department Dr. Emin KUĞU