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Software Engineering Tracks

Within the scope of the curriculum change, track courses have been planned starting from the 6th semester. Established Tracks:

• Cybersecurity

• Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

• Computer Vision and Graphics

• Software

The compulsory courses within the scope of each track are presented in the table below. The first of the courses in the track will be taken in the 6th semester, the second and third in the 7th semester and the last in the 8th semester.

The students who has completed their 4th semester can choose one of the four tracks offered. After the selection, the student is obliged to take the courses required by the track in the above-mentioned periods. At the end of the 7th semester, students who wish can give up their chosen track for once. The students can choose no track if they wish. In this case, the courses specified as Departmental Tracks in the curriculum will be taken as Department Electives, and the students can complete the course obligation by taking any course from the tracks they want. Computer Engineering Departmental compulsory and departmental elective courses that are not included in the Software Engineering curriculum will be considered as Software Engineering departmental electives. When the Software Engineering students who entered in the 2020-2021 Fall semester arrive in the 5th semester, the number of faculty members, laboratory facilities and department workload will be evaluated and a decision will be made about which tracks will be opened, and this will be announced to the students before the track selection phase.